We help protect what is important to people

by creating innovative and unique insurance programs for mobile devices

About us

Digital Care sp. z o.o. designs and develops innovative products and services. We cooperate with the market’s leading insurance companies to provide comprehensive protection for our customers’ devices. One million satisfied customers have used our products and this number continues to grow.

It would be difficult to imagine the contemporary world without telephones or computers. Our products enable customers to reap the benefits of new technology while having peace of mind.

uCARE provides customers with electronic device support from the time of purchase through to refurbishment and recycling.

uCARE brand values include guaranteeing quality and reliable customer service. The values we uphold afford customers the ability to enjoy the things which are important to them.

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Our products

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üCare. Trust us.

Our products enable us to protect your device from time of purchase, for the term of the manufacturer’s warranty and after its expiration. Everyone faces the risk of
a device being damaged or destroyed. You can count on our assistance if it happens to you.

  • What do we protect?

  • How do we offer protection?

Phones, Smartphones and Tablets

TV and RTV

Household Appliances



Electrical tools

Screen Care

Protection in the event of damage to mobile device display screens

VIP service

Protection in the event of a failure during the term of the manufacturer’s warranty

Post-warranty failure

Protection in the event of a failure after expiry of the manufacturer’s warranty


Protection in the event of damage, destruction, overvoltage, devastation
or water damage


Protection in the event of burglary
or robbery

uCARE in numbers

2+ millions

of satisfied Customers

We repair 88%

of devices within 2 days

Every minute

we repair 1 device

220+ thousands

of handled claims

Can you afford such an expense?

With uCARE You do not incur the costs associated with the repair of your device

Phone Phone
133 PLN + VAT
Phone Cover
160 PLN + VAT
Phone Display
430 PLN + VAT
111 PLN + VAT
Damaged Mainboard
610 PLN + VAT
Splashing the Phone
2200 PLN + VAT
66 PLN + VAT

Read what our customers have to say about UCARE products

I am very satisfied with uCARE insurance. On the day after reporting damage, a courier arrived to collect the device. I had my tablet back at home repaired in two days.
My refrigerator broke down after the manufacturer’s warranty elapsed. I was lucky to have taken out your insurance. A repairman came to my home and repaired the refrigerator immediately. I am very satisfied with the service.
A laptop that I use everyday for work broke down. After contacting a hotline, I received a replacement computer for the time of repair. Thank you for instant response!
A consultant whom I spoke to on the hotline quickly accepted my report. All was done without unnecessary formalities, and the phone display looks like new.
My TV set was damaged following an electrical surge. Luckily, the shop where I bought it told me that I had uCARE insurance as part of my purchase. I waited just a few days for the repairs to be made. I am very satisfied with the insurance.
Thank you for repairing my phone quickly!


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Digital Care sp. z o.o.
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Help Center: (22) 716 20 06
E-mail address: infolinia@ucare.pl

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